United Logistics is a freight forwarding company that provides transportation services around the world, the company relies on the best technologies in providing services, and the company is keen to maintain its reputation in the market where it is characterized by shipping and delivery on time and maintaining products and parcels and this Providing the best packaging methods if your goods are not delivered to your customers on time.

United Logistics specializes in various methods of logistics services, and uses several shipping methods, including air freight, sea freight, and land freight. It also has a group of warehouses in different places.

Shipping service is defined as the process of transporting goods and merchandise from a specific place to another place, whether within the borders of the country or outside it (between countries), and the shipping process is carried out by a specific shipping company.


There are several shipping methods used by the logistics company in its logistical services, the most important of which are:
1- Sea freight:-
Sea freight is done through ports by ships and refers to the long-distance transportation of most raw materials, whether it is energy (crude oil, gas, coal, minerals), foodstuffs (wheat, soy…), minerals (iron, copper, etc.) and cargo. and goods.,

Shipping by sea can also relate to miscellaneous goods, which are transported in sea containers.

The primary objective of sea freight is the transportation of goods or people by sea, but it can also concern the management of transportation before and after transportation, from the place of production to the ship or from the ship to the final destination of loading.

The sea routes used in transporting goods depend on trade, and these methods vary depending on the goods transported.

What are the advantages of sea freight?
A handy delivery option for large shipments over very long distances, in full or partial batches depending on the container.

Transporting large shipments by container ships is a logical mode of transportation.
We provide complete processing of all customs formalities for export and import.
Delivery is possible door to door, door to port or port to port.
Sea Freight is a cost effective solution for transcontinental deliveries.

2 – Air freight:
Air freight is a method of transporting goods that appeared in the world in the middle of the twentieth century and its main objective is to transport a parcel or goods from point A to point B. Air freight through airports is carried out by cargo aircraft or by commercial aircraft

With the emergence and development of certain technologies in the field of aviation, this transport tool has experienced a significant expansion of its activity.


What are the advantages of air freight?
Cost effective solution for heavy, non-urgent shipments worldwide. You can choose the shipping speed and price that suits your budget. You will also be kept informed of every step of the sending procedure.

The services that move your goods from door to door, take care of the entire delivery process.

Door to airport delivery is also possible.

This service also provides full processing of all customs formalities for export and import.

Air freight is ideal for shipments over 100kg or of unusual shape


3- Land freight:-
Land freight is carried out by trucks and trains. Land transportation includes travel in private vehicles. In practice, land transportation refers more to the transportation of goods within the national territory or across the world and is the most used in the world of logistics and export or delivery of products.


What are the advantages of land freight?

The cost-effective solution for moving bulky cargo by road. Whether you choose single point-to-point transportation or a consolidated shipment, you can order your merchandise to be collected from multiple locations and then combined before it is sent to its final destination.

It is a cost effective transportation solution for bulky shipments.
You can choose between a group shipment or a car exclusively for you.
This service is available all over the world.
Guarantee of direct, safe and reliable delivery.

Logistic company
Logistics is responsible for organizing and managing the physical flows of its customers (usually private).

A logistics company delivers finished products and supplies raw materials, whether it is interfering in the initial or final stages of its customer’s production process, a logistics company matches a company to transport goods or deliver products.

The challenge for the logistics company is to make deliveries while respecting the terms:

On time delivery
personal safety
Product packaging